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Von Neumann judged hardware random number generators unsuitable, for, if they did not record the output generated, they could not later be tested for errors. If they did record their output, they would exhaust the limited computer memories then available, and so the computer's ability to read and write numbers. If the numbers were written to cards, they would take very much longer to write and read. On the ENIAC computer he was using, the "middle square" method generated numbers at a rate some hundred times faster than reading numbers in from punched cards .

I ordered spicy miso ramen and it was AMAZING (and unfortunately High FODMAP ). I did find out that the miso ramen contain less garlic than the tonkotsu broths, so I opted for that. They offered 2 free noodle refills too (not that I took advantage of it as the portion sizes are already generous and the miso broth is so thick and satisfying). I heard the loudest soup-slurping I’ve ever heard in my life in this place, which is a clear sign that everyone was enjoying their meal. I would recommend this place if you can find it! I think it cost me around 800¥, including a soft boiled egg and a side order of seaweed (5 GBP/7USD). The staff were super friendly and kept insisting I eat more and take advantage of the free noodles (which is probably a first).

What number is low testosterone

what number is low testosterone


what number is low testosteronewhat number is low testosteronewhat number is low testosteronewhat number is low testosteronewhat number is low testosterone