Ways to naturally boost testosterone

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Restricting calories may reduce levels of compounds in the body that depress your immune response. Overweight adults who reduced their daily caloric intake by nearly a third boosted their immune response by 50% according to a Tufts study published in the Journal of Gerontology . Those who cut calories by ten percent had smaller improvements. The finding is intriguing because if restricting calories boosts immunity, it may be an indication that the aging process is slowed down in people who carefully control their diets. A weakened immune response is a well-known sign of aging with T-cells becoming less effective as we grow older.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, is one of the biggest factors that contribute to hormonal imbalance. For a woman to conceive, her hormones must be in balance, so when her stress levels are too high, especially chronically, she will have a difficult time getting pregnant. "Cortisol throws off all of the hormones because it places the body in a flight or fight state so that the other hormones do not have a chance to do their own jobs," said Mindy Berla , certified holistic nutrition and fitness specialist at Brooklyn Academy Roots in Oakland, Calif. to Medical Daily . Focus on your body and find a place to sit at peace and take deep breaths to naturally relieve the tension and stress levels in your body.

Ways to naturally boost testosterone

ways to naturally boost testosterone


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