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Oestrogen is broken down by the liver. But in women whose livers carry excess toxins – if you drink a lot , for instance, or are exposed to synthetic oestrogens called ‘xenoestrogens’ – the hormone might have a hard time being metabolised, so the body reabsorbs it. Chemicals that are xenoestrogens include parabens (often in skincare), benzophenone (which is found in some sunscreens) and Bisphenol-A (also called BPA), found in plastics. Choose BPA-free plastic bottles, or go for glass containers where possible.

In addition, if autism were genetic, because it affects more males than females, geneticists teach us that it would have to be to an X-chromosome-linked disorder. (Girls, having two X chromosomes, would then have a redundant good chromosome, so the disorder would not manifest as often in females as in males who have only one X chromosome.) For a girl to have autism then, she would need to receive a defective X-chromosome from each parent, meaning they both carried the defect. The problem lies in the fact that if the father has the defect to pass onto his daughter, and it is on his only X-chromosome, then he should be affected by the disorder as well. Since autistic daughters rarely, if ever, have autistic fathers, the theory that “autism is genetic” fails because its claim does not match the empirical evidence.

Testosterone jabs

testosterone jabs


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