Testosterone doping

NOTE:   One interesting fact about erythropoitin is that it is also called EPO, a name that may be more familiar to some of you.  Yes, that should bring the name Lance Armstrong to mind.  Lance Armstrong confessed to using EPO as a performance enhancing drug strictly for the purpose of raising his red blood cell counts for racing purposes.  Basically, he was doing a different and very dangerous kind of steroid.  Giving EPO to these racers leaves them vulnerable to dieing in their  sleep from the "sludging" of the blood that occurs.  It does turn them into superhumans however.

Such comments represent something of a turn-around for Bossdorf. As a Tour de France commentator earlier in his career, Bossdorf preferred to rant about cheese, wine, and castles on the Loire than to talk about doping. He contributed to a pleasant autobiography of Jan Ullrich -- prohibited from racing in this year's tournament because of doping suspicions -- and moderated programs by Telekom, whose cycling team cooperated with ARD. And it was Hagen Bossdorf who together with ARD pushed a court case against the molecular biologist Werner Franke, the doping expert from Heidelberg who had accused him and ARD of being" part of the criminal business of cycling" and participants in "systematic lying" with their reporting on the sport. The trial ended with a settlement. Anyone may now suggest that ARD ignored and failed to discuss the topic of doping adequately.

In testing for hGH, technicians rely on a sophisticated understanding of how the body reacts when you inject higher concentrations of the hormone — other forms of the hormone start to drop. So, testers look at the ratio between hGH and these other derivatives to detect foul play. Too large a gap between these concentrations is a red flag that the user may be boosting with injected hGH. To further improve their chances of detecting doped levels of the hormone, Butch says it may soon be possible to look for the molecular fingerprint that hGH leaves on other compounds, even after the actual hormone has long been cleared from the body. “We can go from a 36-hour window for detecting hGH to a couple of weeks,” he says.

Testosterone doping

testosterone doping


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