Testesterone boosters

It's just few day i am taking this product, just a week, i feel it's "working" in some way cause starting from the dose early in the morning i have a sort of "pumps" for several hour, it's a strange feeling...i cannot say more but it's definitly working in some way.
More, i feel a charge of energy for 5-6 hoursafter taking it, and it's nice.
I cannot say if i am having some gain in the gym, it's too early i suppose.
Anyway i shifted from 12,5mg Ostarine 2x Day to 3mg RAD140 in the morning + 12,5mg Ostarine in the evening and i am feeling so much better now then first.
I like this SARM, i rate for it, g2g !!!

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Testesterone boosters

testesterone boosters


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