Test and tren results

I forgot to add im running the tren/test prop (blend) but i also have another test prop 100mg i take with the tren and test so actually it is 200mg test prop 100mg tren eod.. so far i've had pretty amazing results first real big pump at the gym tonight and seems like the body fat is melting off so far so good going to start taking the albuterol on monday and see how that goes.. Ive read alot of people taking it two weeks on two weeks off and also just taking as apart of their pct. I'm thinking i'll throw that in EOD with everything else im doing.. what do you guys think? Thanks for all the helpful replies btw!

A lot of people are saying trt dose test with a normal dose of tren has much less sides than test>tren dosage.. I'm stepping into bro science here but I would assume it's because tren beats test to receptors most of the time which leaves test floating around doing nothing but turning to dht and estro.. I'm prlly wrong but at this point I've never heard a concrete answer. But I've heard enough ppl say they had less sides on low test high tren. There just not as much in depth research on tren... it's used to bulk up cattle for slaughter =x

Test and tren results

test and tren results


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