Supplements to boost testosterone

A blue-green algae that often pops up in questionable-looking Day-Glo-colored “health food” drinks, spirulina can’t be counted out on appearance alone. There is serious evidence that it has a variety of potentially helpful uses, including strengthening immunity, says Patel. Animal research on spirulina is strong; and though there hasn’t been much testing done on humans, one 2008 study did find that taking 2g of spirulina a day for several months helped some men and women to overcome nasal allergies. “Spirulina is very safe, and may help to lower inflammation in the body, improving overall health as well,” Patel adds.

If you really do want to “boost” your pineal gland function here’s a simple method that will yield actual results… slowly roll your eyes in a clockwise direction 9 times, then slowly roll your eyes in the opposite direction 9 times(you will feel the strain), look up and press with index finger firmly between your eyebrows for 20-30 seconds. After doing this gaze directly into a candle and chant AUM for 15-20 minutes. Do this routine every day but be warned!!!! Eventually your pineal gland WILL activate however you may want to run to the ER and demand a shot of thorazine if you’re not prepared. For real…

It sounds like a creature from Jurassic World, but this plant is worth learning to pronounce, especially if you haven’t had great sex since dinosaurs roamed the earth. A 2012 study showed that consuming six grams of tribulus root for 60 days improved erections and frequency of sex in men with low sperm counts. It also reduced sexual fatigue . Furthermore, their testosterone jumped by a whopping 16%. “Trib,” as it’s called, is thorny and bitter, so look to a supplement for consuming it. Epiq’s Quad Test includes Tribulus terrestris. ( )

Supplements to boost testosterone

supplements to boost testosterone


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