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In addition to traditional broadcast ratings success, 51 Minds’ programs also delve into digital and VOD platforms. The company’s digital content was and is a major driver for , at one point making up over 85% of the site’s streams and two-thirds of VOD orders. Our mission is to support brands through digital platforms, improve the power of interactivity of the viewers, and consistently grow within the digital community. 51 Minds continues to develop applications of emerging technologies, and connect the space between technology and pop culture.

The dividends of avoiding food waste can be historic. We produce enough food to feed everyone on our planet today and the billion more people to come in the next 35 years. We have to waste less to feed more. Farming already uses 38 percent of our ice-free land, compared to just 2 percent for cities, and uses 70 percent of our fresh water. We can't keep growing more food, and continuing to waste as much, to feed more people. The environmental dividends are no less significant: lower climate emissions from a major source and more water efficiency to combat growing water scarcity.

The Hyundai-Kia Motors’ latest move to increase annual production was largely due to learning effect of the existing Ioniq Electric. Hyundai Motor set the monthly production of the Ioniq Electric at 1,000 in June last year but increased it to 1,800 as the demand became higher than expected. However, the product is still on back order and the company has had problems with the supply to this day even a year passed after the release. The Ministry of Environment, which is responsible for the spread of EVs in the private sector, pointed out that Hyundai Motor’s lack of supply is the cause of failure to achieve the last year’s target number of EVs that was planned to supply.

Producing more testosterone

producing more testosterone


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