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The thymus is a soft, triangular-shaped organ found in the chest posterior to the sternum. The thymus produces hormones called thymosins that help to train and develop T-lymphocytes during fetal development and childhood. The T-lymphocytes produced in the thymus go on to protect the body from pathogens throughout a person’s entire life. The thymus becomes inactive during puberty and is slowly replaced by adipose tissue throughout a person’s life.

Other Hormone Producing Organs
In addition to the glands of the endocrine system, many other non-glandular organs and tissues in the body produce hormones as well.  

Erythropoietin (EPO): A 165 amino acid glycoprotein hormone (glycoproteins consist of several sugar molecules linked with a protein molecule). EPO stimulates erythrocyte (red blood cell) production in the bone marrow, boosting the blood's ability to carry oxygen. Studies have shown that significant amounts of EPO resist digestion and survive to reach receptors in the intestinal tract. One raw milk-drinking athlete was wrongly accused of blood-doping, so there's at least anecdotal evidence of EPO's activity in our systems!

Throughout the United States, namely; Las Vegas, California, Texas, New York, Michigan, Maryland, Arizona, Colorado and Ohio, women and men are receiving the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy from hormone doctors and compounding pharmacies . However, not only is the USA benefiting but also Canada has found this natural hormone replacement helpful, from Toronto, Windsor, Whitby and the rest of Ontario to British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba. Health activist, cancer survivor and actress, Suzanne Somers, relates the link between various illnesses and the need for increased natural health alternatives in her new book, Knockout. Bioidentical hormones, was one important source identified in Suzanne Somers’ book. The success of bioidentical hormone therapy has lead to rise of popularity compounding pharmacies and hormone doctors in Canada and the USA.

Name of male hormones

name of male hormones


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