Low testoserone

Testosterone is a sex hormone; It is naturally produced in both men and women but is made at a much higher level in men. Low testosterone is not just about libido or becoming stronger and bigger in the gym. While this can be an effect of treatment, the condition known as Low T is much more in-depth. It is what gives a male the secondary sex characteristics of a man. Testosterone – which can profoundly reduce energy levels – is responsible for stimulating muscle growth, achieving normal erectile and cognitive functions, restore energy levels and maintaining normal bone density.

If a young man's low testosterone is a problem for a couple trying to get pregnant , gonadotropin injections may be an option in some cases. These are hormones that signal the body to produce more testosterone. This may increase the sperm count. Hedges also describes implantable testosterone pellets, a relatively new form of treatment in which several pellets are placed under the skin of the buttocks, where they release testosterone over the course of about three to four months. Injections and nasal gels may be other options for some men.

Thank you for the great article, salt is an essential part of our composition. I’ve recently started paying more attention to ‘hidden’ salt, in things like tomato sauce, organic chicken sausage, restaurant food, etc. and reducing it has made a huge impact on how I look and feel. I was by no means a processed food and restaurant junkie, but a few simple changes made a huge difference. I think salting your food with quality salt, and eating commercially salted foods are where the difference lies and this article really brought that home for me: http:///2013/03/06/salt-autoimmune-disease-sodium-multiple-sclerosis-diabetes_n_

Low testoserone

low testoserone


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