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Yes John. I’m afraid it IS normal…what you’re going through. When you do porn you desensitize yourself to “real people.” Doing porn feels “easier” than going through the whole process of lovemaking with your girlfriend. It is, however, a disaster because, if you don’t recover, your life sentence is to end up alone, in a dark room, with your penis in your hand. Not a very happy thing. And, your self-esteem is tanked, meaning that you’ll underachieve and under-earn. Get my book, Breaking the Cycle. Also get our book, A Couples Guide to Sexual Addiction. You can get them at Barnes and Noble or . Give me a call if you’d like to talk. We can help you make this just a bad memory.

But I'm not more aggressive—a behavior change often tied to testosterone. That's not surprising to Robert Sapolsky, ., a neuroendocrinologist at Stanford University and a leading researcher on stress and behavior. "It's really not the case that testosterone 'causes' aggressive behavior," he says. "Instead, it makes the brain more sensitive to social cues that trigger aggression. And in support of that, a guy's testosterone level isn't a very good predictor of how likely he is to be aggressive."

Low testestrone

low testestrone


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