Hormones booster

Which makes me wonder if breastfeeding really has a contraceptive effect, or whether people have assumed it has because they’ve noticed the correlation between weaning and the return of fertility – even though both might be the result of another causitive factor… Like a drop in baby cohabitation (which could still be indirectly related to the breastfeeding act), or a restoration of vitamin & mineral deficiences caused by the pregnancy process (again, potentially affected/extended by breastfeeding), or… just random hormonal cycle variance?

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I have been suffering from acne since 3 years get major breakouts a few days before my periods(along the jawline,chin and cheeks). Redness and a zit here and there always stay throughout the month. I’m vegan and have a sound,hygienic eating and living habits, so i’m guessing its my hormones messing up. Before booking an appointment I think i need to get these hormones tested. Could you please suggest how many test reports over a period of a month would suffice to give a clear picture of how my hormones are working.

Recently i went and saw my health care provider for a yearly exam and mentioned that i was a sissy and wanted to be develop breasts. She mentioned that She needs to do blood work to ensure there was no underlying problems. I made an appointment to see her; i would return in two weeks. i arrived for my appointment and She drew the blood, the results came back and the results revealed there was no problems and she wrote a prescription for Estradiol. My health care provider advised me to read as much as i could on the side effects of Estradiol and what to do if i experienced and serious side effects. I have never done so much reading on any one subject. Moreover, i take the medication as prescribed and never engage in anti-social behaviour (smoke, drink alcohol, take street drugs). In addition, i maintain a healthy diet, exercise and every night before going to bed i take my medication and i document the date, time, and any symptoms i might be experiencing. And at the end every month, i print out the document and give it to Her to be scanned into my medical chart.

Hormones booster

hormones booster


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