Haldol depot iniezione

My reply: Yes, I chose them. But I’ve also met a lot (a LOT) of other people I could have filmed as well, whose stories of recovery from schizophrenia would have been similarly profound and complete. I also chose these two women for other reasons that are less obvious. One is that they are both brave and comfortable enough to be public with their stories of recovery. A lot of people who have been in mental hospitals at any time in their lives don’t want to talk about it publicly, let alone on camera using their real name. Second, I chose these women because at the time of filming both had been recovered for decades — one for three decades, one for five. (Now longer.) I did that on purpose — to work to defeat the argument that they were just “in remission” and might have a relapse at any point. By the way — I filmed them 9 years ago….so it’s now almost 4 and 6 decades of recovery for them, respectively!

Haldol depot iniezione

haldol depot iniezione


haldol depot iniezionehaldol depot iniezionehaldol depot iniezione