Grape seed extract testosterone

“Clearly, the weight of evidence suggests that grape seed proanthrocyanins hold great promise as a metformin alternative  and/or  anti-diabetic agent . Unfortunately, the law forbids the medicinal use of natural substances, and lacking the $800 million plus required on average to fund the clinical trials necessary to file for FDA drug approval, health consumers are left almost entirely without guidance from conventional medical practitioners who lose their FDA-underwritten liability shield when they deviate from the drug-based standard of care” – 

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A particular variety of vitus vinifera known as Koshu (white variant from Yamanashi [29] ) has been compared against a red variety (Muscat Bailey A) have been tested in vitro against glutamate toxicity, and a slight attenuation of the reduction in ERK from glutamate has been noted with 1ng/mL of Koshu (oddly, 10-100ng/mL was not effective nor were picomolar concentrations); [30] no protective effect was seen with Muscat Bailey A, and the difference in observed effects was thought to be due to the higher polyphenolic content of Koshu. [30]

Grape seed extract testosterone

grape seed extract testosterone


grape seed extract testosteronegrape seed extract testosteronegrape seed extract testosteronegrape seed extract testosteronegrape seed extract testosterone