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At length you reach a cemetery. We all know how deeply the Turks respect the graves of the dead — how they visit them and never permit them to be disturbed, as we do in Europe, after any number of years. In the abstract this is very grand, and when we imagine to ourselves a beautiful cypress grove with tall white monumental stones, and green grass beneath, it presents a stately and solemn picture. Now contemplate it in the reality. The monuments are overthrown, dilapidated, or awry — several roughly paved streets intersect the space — here sheep are feeding — there donkeys are waiting — here geese are cackling — there cocks are crowing — in one part of the ground linen is drying — in another carpenters are planing — from one corner a troop of camels defile — from another a funeral procession approaches — children are playing — dogs rolling — every kind of the most unconcerned business going on.

Where: Protect the world’s endangered animals and habitats by volunteering with Earthwatch ( 800/776-0188; info@ ). You’ll work with crackerjack scientists on a field research or conservation project in one of 50 countries around the world. You can band penguins in South Africa , tag endangered sea turtles on the beaches of the Pacific, or—our favorite—snorkel for science while monitoring coral reef health in the Bahamas . Paddling through the bathtub-warm, crystalline waters near San Salvador Island is bound to be a serious improvement over preparing the budget figures for the 10 . marketing meeting.

Equipoise spa new zealand

equipoise spa new zealand


equipoise spa new zealandequipoise spa new zealand