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Sheaffer Crest Fountain Pen - Early Lever Filler, Brown Striated

Sheaffer Triumph Fountain Pen - 1940s, Black w Wide Band, Vac-Fil

Sheaffer Triumph 1000 Lifetime Fountain Pen - Vac-Fil, Green Striated

Sheaffer Lifetime Valiant 1250 - Black w 3/8" Cap Band

Sheaffer Triumph 1250 Lifetime Fountain Pen - Vac-Fil, Green Striated

Sheaffer Lifetime Valiant 1500 Fountain Pen - Black, Vac-Fil

Sheaffer Triumph 2000 Autograph Fountain Pen - 1940s, Black with Wide Band, Solid Gold Trim, Lever Fill

Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph Tuckaway - Grey Striated, Vac-Fil

Sheaffer Triumph Sovereign II Fountain Pen - 875, Carmine Striated

Sheaffer Triumph Admiral II Fountain Pen - 500, Green Striated

Sheaffer Triumph Crest Mechanical Pencil - Brown Striated

Sheaffer Crest Masterpiece - Vac-Fil, 14k Gold Crosshatch Cap

Sheaffer Crest Deluxe Fountain Pen - Black, Vac-Fil

Sheaffer Crest Deluxe Fountain Pen - Persian Blue, 'Fat' Touchdown

Sheaffer Triumph Touchdown Fountain Pen - Gold Filled Cap & Barrel (5-1/4" Long)

Sheaffer Crest Tuckaway 1750 - Black, GF Cap, Vac-Fil

Sheaffer Crest Deluxe Tuckaway 600 Pencil - Brown Striated, GF Cap

Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel DeLuxe Fountain Pen - Grey Striated, Vac-Fil

Lifetime Triumph Statesman in brown, Vac-fill Piston filling system, two-tone Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph nib

Sheaffer Lifetime Triumph 1250 with wide cap band, vac-fill, 14k masked large Lifetime Triumph nib

Where the social, cultural or linguistic distance between the community and researchers from outside the community is significant, the potential for misunderstanding is likewise significant. Engagement between the community involved and researchers, initiated prior to recruiting participants and maintained over the course of the research, can enhance ethical practice and the quality of research. Taking time to establish a relationship can promote mutual trust and communication, identify mutually beneficial research goals, define appropriate research collaborations or partnerships, and ensure that the conduct of research adheres to the core principles of Respect for Persons, Concern for Welfare – which in this context includes welfare of the collective, as understood by all parties involved – and Justice.

Equipoise band

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