Decanted diva

I have been raising chickens for years since I was a kid, I am also a Owner/moderator of a Chicken group with over 3000 members and I have never heard of this being a problem with any of my members, my own family has always fed them the egg shells & the eggs are just as healthy as any store bought…better….. I can’t agree on the cannibalism theory that they will turn if you feed them egg shells, they may turn for other reason’s like living in small quarters, no place to roam, trying to get away from the hen pecking order, or new feathers coming out mistaken it for food are just some of the theory’s on why they will eat their own. Chickens are omnivores and want the protein & will eat anything slower, smaller & weaker then them if they can catch it.

This was a blind buy for me at a discount store and I never heard of this scent before. Obviously I know Boucheron and sampled most of their scents, just not this one.
Upon reading reviews on there, I am flabbergasted why several people compared it to Goldea by Bulgary because it's not even in the same ballpark. Or Mark Jacobs Dot??
Dot is a fruity floral so NO WAY
Boucheron is a woodsy floral oriental-I can't say I smell anything floral really-it's sweet but woodsy and almost has a slightly powdery note.

In some way, it reminded me of Cashmere Mist because it has same "feeling" if you will.
Goldea, is more of a "regular" floral oriental that is fairly sweet but not really woodsy or powdery like Boucheron. So I wouldn't say those two are in any way similar.

I like it, it's a scent that is rather sophisticated and has a "mature" feel to it. Bottle is heavy and looks expensive.
I don't love it though so I doubt I will get it again. However, it's a nice well made scent

Decanted diva

decanted diva


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