After effects eq tutorial

Hey Bjorn, old article I know, but on the live at Pompeii footage, there’s some footage of Gilmour noodling around on his Lewis guitar while they are interviewing the band. He has some weird phaser going, that’s a hi-fli synth hes using isn’t it? Is that a phase or…? Sounds dumb but Ive been trying to get that sound here lately lol Im verrrry bored! Ive read on the hi-fli and understand that’s what he probably used . You know of anything that could get something similar? Btw, your new album sounds very promising! I cant wait to hear it!

Hei Rolf! Do you want a Muff that sounds less like a Muff or a distortion, that sounds more like a Muff? Hard question, I know, but you could go with something like the Mojo Hand Iron Bell, which is a Muff tweaked closer to a Rat. Or, if you want something very versatile, that can cover pretty much anything, I’d go for the Buffalo FX Evolution. You’ll find reviews for both here on the site. The Evolution is based on the Cornish G2, as is the TopTone DG2, but it’s much smoother and the distortion more linear, which means that you can crank it, without too much noise and thinning of the tone.

After effects eq tutorial

after effects eq tutorial


after effects eq tutorialafter effects eq tutorialafter effects eq tutorialafter effects eq tutorialafter effects eq tutorial